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My name is Rachel Anyika and I am a trainee emotion & relational therapist based in London, England. I hold a CPCAB level 2 certificate in counselling skills, a postgraduate certificate in psychodynamic counselling skills and theory, and I am entering my final year of clinical training in integrative relational therapy, working towards BCAP accreditation. My clinical placement is currently with an NHS counselling service.


I became interested in psychology after a journey of self-discovery which started around five years ago. Before this, I was often insecure, anxious, identified with ego and detached from my emotions. However, though these issues were shaping my life, I was not consciously aware of them. That is until a series of challenging events and people entered my life over a short period of time. In response I found I had no control over my emotional reactions, my self-esteem plummeted, negative thoughts took control and I reached a rock bottom point in my life.  I realised I had no idea who I really was, how to love myself or how to have fulfilling relationships. But this time instead of looking to outside factors for blame and validation, I choose to look inside for the answers. I needed to rebuild myself with strong foundations. I looked at my patterns and where they had come from. Uncovering my judgements and core beliefs. I questioned why I struggled to be myself without feeling a need to perform or change to fit someone’s expectations.


During this time I also signed up to an acting class teaching the Stanford Meisner technique. This technique is designed to stop actors overthinking what they should be doing and into feeling real emotions and experiencing genuine reactions. In classes we were encouraged to feel and express every emotion we would normally suppress in real life, even the often repressed emotions like anger and sadness. I witnessed alpha males break down on the ground, overcome with tears, then emerge with an unexpected sereneness like a weight had lifted off their shoulders. The simple act of being given permission to feel emotions in a non-judgemental environment having such a profound effect. I knew then that understanding emotions was key.


With so many questions I found the knowledge of others who had researched, experienced and learned from similar issues to be instrumental in changing my life for the better. It helped me learn how to love myself, how to fully love others, communicate effectively and know what I needed in a relationship. Most importantly it made me realise that I wanted to help pass that knowledge on and Emotion Enhancement was created as part of this.


I am not yet taking on therapy clients but please visit the Client Area for further updates.


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