The truth about intimate relationships is that they can never by any better than our relationship with ourselves - James Hollis

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder which may develop after direct exposure to or witnessing traumatic events, serious injury or death. This could be through events like war, natural disaster, sexual assault, serious accident or terrorist attack etc. The symptoms of PTSD do not always occur shortly after the event. Symptoms could take a few years to develop but most often they develop within 3 m...

Anger is a reaction of frustration, annoyance, irritation, hostility or rage. It is classed as a secondary emotion as it is a reaction to primary emotions which a person does not want to experience. The emotion beneath anger, is a vulnerable feeling like sadness, shame or fear. For example, if you make a small mistake at work but your first reaction is irritation at a colleague for pointing the mistake out, then you are able t...

Enmeshment trauma occurs during childhood, when a child is required to put an adult caregiver's emotional needs before their own. This happens most frequently

January 2, 2018

This article explores the 6 primary emotional needs to make women feel loved in a relationship. Looking at brain differences in the genders to explain why men and women have different needs that are not known instinctively...

The inner critical voice is the internal commentary of negative thoughts towards our self and others. It encourages destructive behavior and damages self-esteem.

Exploring the effects that shame has on men in relationships. Looking at why men are often hiding who they really are.

I first looked into meditation as a way to cure periods of anxiety and depression.  I soon found out that the benefits of meditation had far reaching effects. Meditation improves the ability to gain control of thoughts, but it also helps to safely remove any emotional blocks that have been unknowingly put in place.

Emotional blocks are mostly created in childhood following some form of trauma or as a respon...

September 26, 2017

This Facebook post from recently divorced Gerald Rogers contains valuable advice that applies to both men and women in relationships. He wrote this post after the finalization of his divorce from a 16 year marriage. It's advice that he wishes he had put in practice during the course of his relationship. Hindsight often gives us the greatest change of perspective that enables us to view a situation objectively. These are some o...

September 23, 2017

This article from Dave Booda on his blog explores why men are often afraid of deep relationships.

Freedom is very important to men and many men would choose their freedom without hesitation over the 'trap' of a deep relationship. Even more so men that had care givers in childhood that were authoritarian or controlling will often lead to a stronger desire for freedom in adulthood: 

Since we often see deep l...

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