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Feeling Numb?

Author Jenna Ryan on The SelfLoveU Blog, discusses how we can look to heal frozen feelings and blocked emotions.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, I know I should be feeling a certain way, but I just can't feel anything? Do people ever mention that you are difficult to get to know, cold or stand offish? This could be the result of detaching from your emotions during childhood as a way to conform, receive attention and ultimately survive as a child:

"Frozen emotions are emotions that occurred during childhood that were unacceptable to be felt. The parent did not allow room for such emotions, so the child has no other option than to keep these feelings frozen in his or her heart."

Though the mind has found a way to block the emotion, the body will remember. The unprocessed emotions will be left like a melting pot, simmering under the surface. This creates numerous subconscious triggers that you will not be aware of or able to control. This is why you may fly off the handle in anger at a minor incident or find yourself repeating damaging relationship patterns. She goes on to explain how this prevents us from being able to discover who we really are and she offers methods to help reconnect emotions:

"The emotion stays frozen because the child is not safe to express his or her reality within her environment. Instead of expressing her reality and being validated for who she is, she puts on a show for the caretaker. This show is a mask which represents the False Self. This mask is not who she really is, but is what the caretaker needs her to be. It is only when she wears this mask that she gains the acceptance needed for her to continue growing up into adolescence. This is the acceptance that will do, however, that doesn't mean it is healthy. It's like a plant growing up with a disease. As long as she wears this fake mask and as long as the original emotions stay frozen in her heart, she will never fully bloom."

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